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Author: Courtney Cleaton
Posted: February 11, 2016 at 1:35AM

Medic: If taken outside of the colony, the medic must apply IFAK to the infected human. The human is revived as soon as the IFAK is removed. This is an infinite use item, quickly applied and removed. The medic can be killed and cannot be revived by IFAK

Medic: If left inside the colony, the medic will hand over a single medic blanket that has only three charges. Once those three charges are used, the medic blanket is useless for the rest of the mission. The medic cannot be killed.


Mercenary Squad: If taken outside of the colony, 3 mercenaries fight and play as human players but with body armor. The armor acts as another life. The mercenaries can be sent home during the mission.

Mercenary Squad: If left inside the colony, the mercenaries will hand over their body armor. If less than 3 body armors are achieved during the mercenary mission (a mercenary is killed), then each mission afterwards will regenerate a single body armor. This is limited to 3 body armors.


Armorer: If taken outside of the colony, the Armorer will carry the Sayanora with him/her. The Sayanora has a total of 6 slugs that, when fired upon a special class zombie, will turn the special class zombie into a regular zombie. Slugs can be retrieved and reused after 3 minutes. Armorer can be killed

Armorer: If left inside the colony, the armorer hands over the Sayanora to a human player along with 6 slugs.


Gunsmith: If taken outside of the colony, the gunsmith will carry a golden gun with a single golden dart that can revive a player that has died during that mission. The golden dart can be reused every five minutes.

Gunsmith: If left inside the colony, the gunsmith will provide the human players with 2 golden darts for the entire mission, each mission. Golden darts cannot be reused.


Engineer: If taken outside of the colony, the engineer provides an engineer circle that acts as a safe zone for 1 minute. Afterwards, the engineer circle will recharge in 5 minutes and can be used again. Electric blasters are unlocked. However, if killed, electric blasters will be locked again.

Engineer: If left inside the colony, the human players have access to electric weapons.


Radio Operators: If taken out of the colony, the 2 man team can travel with the human players. One man is invulnerable on a bike and has a radio to communicate with his teammate who has a radio backpack and travels with the human players. Can be used to gather intelligence or locations. As long as the radio man is kept alive, that is.

Radio Operators: If left inside the colony, the radio men will grant side quests that humans can play for additional bonuses (Additional body armor, equipment, etc...)


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