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Patch Notes for Fall 2017

Author: Jim Walker
Posted: August 30, 2017 at 9:51AM

Hello All!

Welcome Back to School, I hope you’re excited for our first Semester of brain-crunching action, because we’ve got a lot coming down the tubes for our first game.

First, some changes to the rules.

Regarding Campus Carry; During our game, in the normal day-to-day schedule, you are free to carry as you are allowed or desire. However, during our missions, we are prohibiting our players from carrying firearms. Furthermore, we feel like it is wise for us to discontinue blasters during day-to-day play.

    We also feel like we should pay closer attention to the aesthetics of our player’s blasters. As such, any modified blaster,even if it has been checked before, must be checked at every game before it can be used. Colors should remain bright, and aesthetics that model a nerf blaster to look like a real firearm will be in danger of being disallowed from play. We do recognize the individual nature of Blaster Modification, so this will be decided on a blaster-to-blaster basis.

    In order to make our players more visible to each other and the general populace, our acceptable bandana colors are Neon Orange or Neon Green, with green or orange duct tape to contrast. We will have these for sale at missions for as cheap as we can.

Nerf has also been busy lately, producing the products we all know and love. However, it has come to our attention that one in particular, the Nerf Nemesis, is powerful and fast, with a high capacity, and is potentially game-breakingly OP. Until further testing and review, the Nemesis will not allowed in our game.

Longboards have often been a means of a human safely darting around a group of hungry zombies to class, depriving the poor zoombles of a meal and a good hunt. No more. From now on, skateboarders, scooterists, etc, can not ride directly up to the door of a building; they must dismount about 50 feet from the entrance they intend to use. The Same distance applies for exiting a building.

Finally, this next game we will be handing out Official HvZ Kill Cards, for both Humans and Zombies, that will be dispensed at Missions. You must have a kill code on you at all times, even before you attend your first mission. This Kill Card will also double for mission attendance.

With the Patch Notes out of the way, I’d like to invite you all to our Informational Meeting on Thursday, September 7. We will be holding it in the IT building Room 1005 from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM. We welcome any and all questions.

Thank you All,

-- The Mod Squad


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