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Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ) is an extreme game of tag that is played 24/7 over the course of ten days. The Humans must try to avoid being tagged by Zombies by using stealth, tactics, and their equipment. The Horde must tag every Human player. HVZ is a game of honesty, should you choose to break the rules, Moderators reserve the right to remove you at any point.

  1. Don't be a jerk. This rule includs but is not limited to: Excessive taunting and/or foul language, causing intentional physical harm to anyone, using a non-player to gain an unfair advantage, cheating stun timers etc...HVZ is much more fun when you play fairly.
  2. Bandanas must be worn at all times. Humans must wear a taped bandana around their left arm above the elbow. Zombies must wear a bandana around their head while in play and around the neck when stunned. Bandanas must be visible and worn above any clothing or gear. Bandanas must be Orange or Green, with Green or Orange duct tape in contrast to the color of the bandana. 
  3. BLASTERS ARE ONLY ALLOWED AT MISSIONS and other events designated by the moderators. No blasters may be carried inside campus buildings except for your own residence hall, concealed or otherwise. If you are going to class, only bring socks and darts, NOT a blaster.
  4. Use blasters to fight to horde. Humans may use dart and disc blasters, throw foam darts as well as balled up socks to stun zombies. Melee weapons are not allowed. At this time, the Nerf Nemesis Blaster will not be allowed in our game. 
  5. Tag the Humans. Zombies tag via two-hand touch on Humans, their equipment or with one hand on the blaster and one on the body. Two hands on the blaster do not count.
  6. Carry your player ID. Digital access to your identification code via the internet is not enough. Humans must have a physical copy of their player ID card at all times. If you are tagged give this card to the zombie who tagged you. Official Kill Cards will be available at missions. These will double as your mission attendance. 

Jerk Clause

This game is based on player honesty. Please be honest if you are stunned or tagged. Don't be a jerk to other players, it isn't cool and it ruins the experience for others. Cheating in any form may be cause for removal from the game. If you see a fellow player cheating be good sport and correct it. Cheating includes but is not limited to:

  1. Moving the other team's mission objectives inappropriately
  2. Using an non-player to gain information or protection unfairly for your advantage
  3. Shorting a stun timer
  4. Running away after being tagged
  5. Intentionally injuring any person or animal
  6. Destroying University or personal property or stripping away a player's equipment
  7. Providing help to either team while stunned
  8. Scaling buildings/climbing trees
  9. Tagging/stunning any player from a moving vehicle
  10. Hoarding Human darts for the purpose of denying them ammunition
  11. Blinding players with flashlights; all white lights will be taped over with red film. Red film will not be provided by the Mod Team. 
  12. Riding a vehicle, such as a longboard or scooter, directly up to a door they intend to enter, thereby abusing the safe zone rules. 

Attempting to undermine game rules in your favor through actions not defined in the rules may result in removal from the game at the moderators discretion.

Basic Mechanics

Tagging is the main game mechanic in Humans vs. Zombies. If a Human is tagged by a Zombie, they then hand the Zombie who tagged them their Player ID, and become a Zombie themselves. The Zombie who made the tag will then input the Player ID into the website to record it. To tag a Human, a Zombie must tag them with both of their hands at the same time. Humans are able to be tagged on their body, backpack, or any tactical gear they may be wearing. If a zombie tags a human's blaster with both hands, then the tag does not count; they must have at least one hand on the human. Humans may not shield themselves with the blaster they are currently wielding in an effort to block a tag. Additionally, a Zombie may not tag a Human while the Zombie is Stunned and a Zombie may not tag a Human indoors or while the Human is riding a vehicle.

Stunning a Zombie is the Human action of shooting or pegging a Zombie with a foam dart or a sock. Immediately upon being shot or pegged, the Zombie is stunned and cannot continue to attempt to tag Humans. A stunned zombie will move his or her bandana from their forehead to around their neck and not attempt to pursue or tag humans for the duration of their Stun Time. If the zombie is stunned while they are outside, they must wait for fifteen (15) minutes before respawning. However, if they are stunned while they are inside, they must wait for ten (10) minutes. Stun Times will vary at missions, and a moderator will provide the specific Stun Time at each mission. While waiting, they are not allowed to divulge information about humans or otherwise coordinate with other zombies in any way. Zombies who choose to stun themselves for whatever reason must wait the appropriate stun time before respawning.

Respawning is the Zombie action of re-entering the game after being stunned. During the day a Zombie can respawn as long as a Zombie has waited their stun time and is are out of line of sight of humans. At Missions, the methods of respawning may vary.

Original Zombies

Original Zombies (OZs) are the first players to join the horde. They are randomly selected by the moderators from a pool of players who have volunteered by checking the corresponding box when signing up on gsuhvz.com. Original Zombies will be contacted by the moderators during mission 0 to notify them of their status. Original Zombies will appear exactly like humans, however they are not allowed to knowingly carry any darts, blasters, socks or otherwise approved weapons while making a tag. The goal of an OZ is to tag as many players as possible at mission 0. Once an Original Zombie makes a kill or series of kills in quick succession (ie a group of humans working together) The OZ moves his or her bandana from the arm to the forehead for the duration of the game. Once they post their kills on the website, they will be revealed online as well.

Safe Zones

Humans are safe under the following conditions:

  1. While they are inside of any building
  2. While they are within arms reach of an entrance to a building or vehicle that they are able to enter
  3. While they are inside of any announced safezone that comes about as a result of gameplay
  4. During the designated safe-times before Missions
  5. If they are on the clock at work or attending a class that happens to be outside
  6. While they are in a crosswalk crossing any street that has road traffic
  7. While they are attending an official Georgia Southern sporting event
  8. While they are participating in an intramural or club sport
  9. While moving on a vehicle such as a bike, skateboard or any motor vehicle. However, they must be on foot for about 50 feet before they enter a building and before mounting their vehicle after exiting a building. 
  10. If they have any other special circumstance and have gotten it approved by a moderator


Missions are coordinated events that occur throughout the course of the game. Mission details will be posted as Events on the main GSU Humans vs. Zombies Facebook page. Before each mission, there will be a thirty (30) minute safe time to encourage human participation and to allow them to safely travel to their mission start point.

During missions, players are not allowed to use any form of transportation other than their feet (or a wheelchair if you have a leg injury) to move around the campus. Players are not allowed to enter buildings during missions. Entering a building or leaving campus during the mission will remove you from the mission and you will not earn completion status for that mission. This is colloquially referred to as "bailing." If you bail a mission for any reason, you must notify a moderator. Unless specified by a moderator, any other day to day safe zones are also disabled during missions. Players must begin their activity at a mission at the designated Start Point. Players arriving late to the mission must find a moderator and notify them of their participation so the mods can keep track of player numbers.

Before You Play

Sign Up

Our website is www.gsuhvz.com. It is required for all players to have an account on this site in order to be allowed into the game. You must join our game before the game starts in order to receive your unique player code. The player ID includes your first name, last name and player ID number. YOU MUST KEEP THIS ID WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES. A human player surrenders this card to the zombie that tags him or her at the time they were tagged. Failure to produce a card upon moderator request may result in you being turned into a zombie. Official Kill Cards will be handed out at missions. These cards will double as your mission attendance, and it must have your kill code on them for you to recieve attendance. 

Get a Bandana

Players will be marked by bandanas during the entirety of the game. Humans must wear their bandana on their left arm, between the shoulder and elbow. Zombies must wear their bandanna around their forehead when active and around the neck when stunned. During missions, moderators will wear distinctive bandanas around the neck with "MOD" printed on the front. Bandanas must be 100% visible at all times and be worn on the outside of any clothing (ie over hats, hoodies, long hair etc…) Bandanas must have a strip of visible neon duct tape to distinguish players from non-players. Bandanas must be either Orange or Green, with tape of the opposing color. 

Arm Yourself (Optional)

Darts and Socks may be thrown by human players to stun a zombie. They can be safely used inside to stun zombies. A dart or sock must be thrown and leave the hand in order to count as a stun. Darts cannot be cut into smaller pieces and only whole darts may be used. Multiple darts may be thrown at once to produce a 'shotgun' effect. You may not modify darts in any way, including adding weight, balance or rigidity. A sock may be enhanced with a single strip of tape, strip of velcro or rubber band to hold it together. Socks may not be combined with other socks, rocks, ball bearings or other heavy objects.

Dart Blasters: All brands of dart blasters in their 'stock' unmodified form are accepted, as long as they are not colored to resemble a real firearm (ie Nerf, Buzzbee, AirZone etc…) Modifications to the blaster's internal mechanisms are allowed, but must be reviewed by a mod before the modified blaster can be used. Moderators reserve the right to shoot you with your own blaster. If it hurts or leaves welts, it cannot be used. All modified blasters must be checked with a moderator EVERY GAME before it can be used. Preferebly this happens just before Mission Zero. 

Paint Modifications to your blaster are conditionally allowed. however there are some important limitations:

  1. All painted blasters regardless of color must be reviewed by a moderator in person before use day to day and missions. Any player found using a painted blaster that violates the painting requirements may be summarily removed from the game.
  2. The muzzle and the trigger MUST remain the original color. Federal law states all fake/ toy guns must have an orange muzzle on the end. We require that the trigger NOT be painted from the original color.
  3. Coloring of blasters to mimic everyday guns is expressly prohibited. This prohibits colors including but not limited to: black, silver, chrome, grey, desert tan, olive drab or camouflage patterns such as digital and Multicam to be used as a primary color in the paint job.
  4. All modified blasters must be checked with a moderator EVERY GAME before it can be used. Preferebly this happens just before Mission Zero. 

Moderators are game referees and organizers. Moderators who play during the day will wear standard bandanas. Moderators who elect to play during the day can be killed or stunned just like any other player. Moderators cannot win the game or participate in missions outside of an NPC capacity.


If any player wishes to dispute a tag they should contact the moderators immediately. Players involved will be pulled to the side while the dispute is heard and resolved. However, the mission will continue as normal. Zombies after a dispute will be stunned and required to return to a spawn point or wait out their timer. After dispute resolution, remaining humans will be taken to the nearest safe zone or group of humans during mission. Zombies may choose to escort human to their desired Safe Zone. If a dispute is not handled on site, please E-mail us at gsuhvzmoderators@gmail.com Larger disputes will be handled by all present and able moderators. All decisions will be made on a majority vote. Disputes are a last resort and should only be used in circumstances where no other agreement can be made.

If players are disputing a tag, and do not wish to wait for a moderator to arrive, a system called "Honor Sock" has been developed. Each player in the dispute recieves one sock or dart. The two players stand back-to-back, take 5 steps, turn, and then duel. Thrown socks/darts may be retrieved during the contest. The first person to be struck by the other's thrown projectile loses the contest and must surrender their kill code or be stunned for the standard stun timer. A human who wins honor sock is safe until they reach the nearest human group or safe zone.  

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